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UCSB Earth Surface and CArbon Dynamics (ESCAD) Laboratory


Opportunities: We value working with a multidisciplinary group and always welcome creative people from different backgrounds to join our group as graduate students, undergraduate researchers, postdoctoral scholars, and visitors! Please contact Principal Investigator, Dr. Gen Li, if you are interested in joining us.

UCSB is around 100 miles northwest of Los Angeles, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and back to the beautiful Santa Ynez Mountains. Check out this video about our campus and its surroundings.


Welcome! The Earth Surface and CArbon Dynamics (ESCAD) Lab at UCSB studies the dynamic processes that cycle materials and elements in the Earth system and how those processes make Earth's surface a habitat for life. Our research is centered around two themes: sediment dynamics and the global carbon cycle. We employ a multidisciplinary approach, combining lab experiments, fieldwork, theory, remote sensing, and modeling, and do fieldwork in the Himalayas, eastern Tibetan mountains, Mississippi river deltas, Alaska, and California.

Our current research topics include tectonic control on the carbon cycle, erosion and building of mountain belts, transport of carbon and sediment in river systems, production and transport of sediment from landslides, environmental effects of extreme events (e.g. large earthquakes), and reactivities and ages of organic carbon in natural environments.

If you are interested in joining our group or want to learn more about our research, please feel free to get in touch!